This Base64 Encode tool allow you to transform UTF-8 data into a Base64 format. For the reverse operation, you can use our Base64 Decode tool.

Base64 Base64 URL Safe

What is Base64 Encoding?

Base64 is an encoding format used to transform binary data into a sequence of 6-bit ASCII characters (i.e., the Base 64 Alphabet). The standard is presented in RFC 4648 alongside other Base encoding standards like Base16 and Base32. Here is a representation of the Base 64 Alphabet from RFC 4648:

Base64 Encode Alphabet

On a side note, there is also an URL-safe version of the Base64 Encoding. This encoding format uses only URL-safe characters: the “+” and “/” characters will be replaced by the “-“ and “_” characters. Here is the URL Safe Base64 Alphabet from RFC 4648:

Base64 Encode URL Safe Alphabet