Hi, I’m Siaka Baro and welcome to my blog!

I am a software engineer, who likes coding in C# .NET, doing technical experiments, and crafting software architectural diagrams.

I’ve been coding in the professional space for more than 16 years. During these 16 years in the industry, I was able to take on multiple challenges while occupying different positions: from the junior developer to the technical expert,  and then taking leadership and management positions.

Here is an overview of some of the technologies that I’ve played with:


This Blog

Well, software development is more than a job to me. I am passionate about network, security, web, and cloud development, and I like writing and researching on various software development topics.

Basically, I like coding and doing research during my spare time. Yeah, I know, I am that guy ; even if I reduced the time spent on coding at home so I have more time for my family and my other hobbies.

As a developer, Google and StackOverflow have always been good resources. When you are looking for more information about technology, it’s really cool to find a blog that gives you exactly what you need. And this is made possible because someone somewhere decided to write an article on that topic. This is what makes the community grow. So I decided to contribute a little and give back to the community by writing articles from time to time on different technologies. If one of those articles can help a software developer somewhere in the world to understand something better, that will be amazing!


Feel free to send me questions, suggestions or any kind of feedback.

Email: siaka@siakabaro.com

Twitter: @SiakaBaro

LinkedIn: Siaka Baro