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How to generate an RSA JSON Web Key (JWK) in .NET

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A JSON Web Key (JWK) is a standard data structure used to define cryptographic keys in JSON format. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to generate an RSA JWK using .NET.

How to create AES encryption 256 bit key in C#

After explaining the concept and purpose of AES encryption in the previous article, this guide has for goal to give practical steps about how to create and use an AES encryption 256-bit key.

How to perform AES encryption in .NET

As a C# developer, you will notice that there are many classes available in .NET to perform AES encryption. In this article, we will talk about the recommended way to create a cryptographic object that implements the AES algorithm.

Understanding the basics of DNS spoofing attacks

DNS spoofing is a cyber attack that consists of tampering with the DNS resolution data to redirect the internet traffic to a malicious server. This article explains the technical details of the DNS spoofing attack.

How to install Squid as a forward proxy on Ubuntu 18.04

Squid is an HTTP proxy that offers a rich set of traffic optimization features to cache frequently accessed content and save bandwidth. This hands-on lab session shows how to install and configure Squid as a forward proxy on Ubuntu 18.04.

10 tips to mitigate HTTP flood attacks

An HTTP flood attack is a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS), having for goal to make a website or web application unavailable to legitimate users by overwhelming the web server with a large number of HTTP requests.

What is the TLS protocol?

Most websites secure their content and protect the privacy and integrity of the data exchanged through the internet by using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). HTTPS is a communication protocol that encrypts the data exchanged between an application and a server.

4 ways to create RSA keys with .NET

Nowadays, security is an essential aspect of the software development process. RSA is a cryptographic algorithm that uses a key pair to allow public-key encryption. This article explains how to create RSA keys with .NET.

What is an HTTP proxy?

An HTTP proxy is a software component that sits in the middle of web connections established between a client and a server. The proxy server acts as an intermediary to request resources on behalf of the client.

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